Individual courses are provided through our Ready...One Assertive ResponseSM Training program, also known as ROARSM Training. These courses are designed to provide you with the most effective tools to not only handle hostile conflict but also remove fear from your everyday life. Courses are taught in one, two and three day programs for today’s time constrained individual.


- Simple. - Direct. - Effective. This is a one day course designed to give you both skill and confidence to handle face to face physical aggression. This course covers:

Course fee: $299


The next level. This two day course covers everything offered in the ROAR1SM Course and adds:

Course Fee: $599


This is the premier ROARSM Training course series. This three day course provides all the necessary components to allow you to be highly effective after completion. There are five levels in the series with each level building upon the foundation of the prior courses. The ROAR3SM Level One coursecovers everything in the ROAR2SM course plus:

Course Fee: $899

Ready...One Stress Reduction TrainingSM

Stress takes a tremendous physical and emotional toll on your well being. Feeling tired and run down is only a symptom of a larger and much more serious effect on the body. Chronic physiological stress responses in the body produce hormones and neurotransmitters that over time damage the immune system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, long term brain functioning, and can predispose you to a very large array of diseases.

The Ready...One Stress Reduction TrainingSM is a one day program that will teach you a series of exercises and techniques that can be performed anywhere to lower your stress levels and improve circulation throughout the body. The curriculum is a combination of Eastern and Western disciplines that have been proven to work over hundreds of years.

Course Fee: $299