Ready...OneSM Training Solutions courses differ from other training methodologies because we understand that addressing fear from a purely mental coaching approach is only part of the solution. What is additionally required is a somatic (physical) component that enhances the learning process. Fear is based in emotion and operates out of the subconscious areas of the brain. The most effective means to reach the subconscious and make lasting changes in processing is through the body using conscious thought as a guide.

The Ready...OneSM courses begin the process of removing fear by focusing on eliminating the core fear faced by virtually every human being - face to face aggression initiated by another person. Clients are taught both physical and mental techniques to recognize, evaluate and take appropriate action to remedy the situation proactively, effectively, and decisively for the greatest positive outcome. Once clients understand the basis of this root fear, they learn that the methods used to overcome it apply to all other fear aspects they face in their lives. Not only are the skills taught in our Ready...OneSM courses universally applicable, they remain over the long term.