Fear is a paralyzing factor in the business world. Fear stops companies from embarking on a new growth strategy. Fear prevents potential customers from making changes. Fear keeps personnel from offering up and implementing new ideas and processes that can improve the products, services, teamwork, and workplace environment in your organization. Quite simply, fear destroys potential.

The Ready...One Business TrainingSM Courses provide you and your personnel with effective tools that can be used everyday to remove fear from the workplace.  By breaking down the fear barrier, communication, teamwork and performance are greatly enhanced, improving not only the bottom line, but also the experiences of you and your personnel.

Ready...One Business TrainingSM

The Ready...One Business TrainingSM courses are customized to work with your company's specific training needs. Our core training system is adapted to work within the guidelines of your mission statement, regulatory demands, and the needs of the personnel attending the training. Our courses help improve optimism and confidence, teamwork in office personnel, and leadership qualities for all involved. On the core level our Ready...One Business TrainingSM courses cover:

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Ready...One Stress Reduction TrainingSM

Stress takes a tremendous physical and emotional toll on your well being. Feeling tired and run down is only a symptom of a larger and much more serious effect on the body. Chronic physiological stress responses in the body produce hormones and neurotransmitters that over time damage the immune system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, long term brain functioning, and can predispose you to a very large array of diseases.

The Ready...One Stress Reduction TrainingSM is a one day program that will teach you a series of exercises and techniques that can be performed anywhere to lower your stress levels and improve circulation throughout the body. The curriculum is a combination of Eastern and Western disciplines that have been proven to work over hundreds of years.